Monday, October 4, 2010

Pressed for time...

Sorry I've not been a very good blog host but we're in the middle of a move from FLA to TN at the beginning of November. Imagine the shock my three year old daughter is going to get (going from hot weather to cold), it is after all fall there! My Edie and Cicie (Expression and Cricut Cake) have been packed away with all their crafting friends(their so sad…lol) But their sister Bella (Gypsy) is still hanging out with me. I’ll be glad when the move is over. Then there’s the remodeling we have to do to the house before we can move into it. That will take at least 2 to 3 weeks to complete and there’s the unpacking. That puts me around the Thanksgiving or the first week of December. Oh did I mention I have two birthday parties to plan, a 4 year old and a sweet sixteen and Christmas shopping on top of that! At least we’re taking our little one to the Palm Beach Zoo to trick or treat this year before we leave (Zoo style lots of photos!) on Oct. 22. Maybe we'll leave a week early after the zoo...I pray!!!!
Pray for me…lol

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